Lets Talk Politics

No need to be catty, that's all I have to say. 

Well, maybe that's not all I have to say.  Maybe I should elaborate. Just as it hurts when someone else gets the part you want. It also hurts them when someone implies that they got that part through "politics." It's possible they got the part because they worked very hard. In fact it's very likely. I've never known a director who would give a part to someone who couldn't handle it and/or didn't deserve it. 
Jealousy can make us say things we don't really mean, and think things we wouldn't normally think. If you are unsatisfied with your situation, you are the only one who has the power to change it. 

On the flip side, if you did get the part: there is no need to make others feel bad about it. The victory you feel  is not over other people but within yourself. Frankly, if you feel someone else's ability is not up to your standards... than it's none of your concern. We all have our own mountains to climb.
Flute playing has a tendency to get very competetive, and that can be healthy, or it can be very damaging. Good sportsmanship is the key. This is something we teach anyone who has ever played a team sport. Unfortunately, it's rarely mentioned in the bandroom.  You're all part of a team and you all have your place on that team. 
We don't need to be so hard on each other... I think most of us are hard enough on ourselves!