Paint your phrases.

Let's talk about my favorite thing ever!!! Tone color!
So, you've listened to a marvelous player, and you decided that you know what kind of tone you want to have. The timbre of this tone is warm and rich. (just an example, you might prefer a smooth and pure sound as your favorite) Let's give it a name: orange.
So you work really really hard to get that sound, you practice that way . That's the only tone you'll settle for, and it's lovely. Then you start to play all your pieces with that sound, every note is rich and vibrant. Very good. Let's take a look at what you have:

Well... that's very... orange. Now... orange is actually my favorite color, and it's probably not coincidence that my own favorite way of playing is vibrant and... well... loud, but too much orange on it's own is a bit overkill.
What we need is a range of colors that compliment each other. Lets add a sound that's clean and delicate, maybe even something crisp, and  throw in something dark and edgy while we're at it.. put those tones in the right spot in the phrase and what do we have?

Look at that! The orange tone you've been working so hard for is actually appearing more vibrant than before!! Admit it... this is much more interesting to look at. So experiment with a variety of sounds and expand your palate. Even the sounds that aren't necessarily your style (but are still good tone and under control!) will come in handy some day when you really want to make a statement.
Try it out.
The worst that can happen is you don't like it.
You still will have improved your basic tone production and you will have more of the tools you need to create beautiful works of art on every phrase.