Personal Style

"I want to sound like Peggy Sue because she's first chair and she gets all the solos"
Well.... here's this thing..
1. What if you reach this goal? What if you work hard and sound exactly alike? Well, why should they pick you, when they could just as easily keep Peggy Sue?
2. Peggy Sue sounds like Peggy Sue because she is Peggy Sue. You can't be Peggy Sue, but the good news is you can get really good at being YOU, that's even better! 

By all means, if there's something that you enjoy hearing in Peggy Sue's sound. Emulate it and incorporate those elements into you own style. Don't stop there though, you should find the things you love about any good player's flute playing and bring all those wonderful parts together to make one "super" style. You're unique in the things that you like, therefor the combination you bring together will also be unique. If you work hard enough, you'll eventually be your own favorite flute player. (but don't let it go to your head.. you still have to practice)

Conclusion: You don't want a band director to say, "ok, you two... rock,  paper, scissors, GO!!" You want him to say "I like the way you did that, I'm going to have you play that solo." Give them something magical that they can't get from anyone else: you!