Fun Etudes!?

Today I rediscovered my favorite etude book! This is the book I used in high school. Mind you, I hated playing etudes. I still do, but now I at least see how important they are. It's easy get in a rut with them and forget to be musical, they become tedious, and not pretty or fun. They also seem more difficult when you aren't "in the groove" It's a chore. (I don't like exercising either) However I really like Kohler's "25 Romantic Etudes" They are musical pieces of their own and each has a different lesson to offer to a student. I was rumaging through the contents list of my CD sheetmusic flute methods and ensembles CD, and I was THRILLED to see that the whole thing was on there. (I lost my old copy years ago.) I plan to revisit these now that I have a better appreciation for etudes, and probably assign them to my students in the future. Etudes that are fun are worth their weight in gold!  

Here's a video to accompany this post: