I haven't written in a while, because I've had a lot going on. Vacation and stuff. 
Anyway, lately I've been working on tackling my biggest musical fear... Jazz!
I love Jazz and the blues and have a huge admiration for musicians who can improvise so well. My brother is one of those and so is my husband. Both of them seem to avoid reading music, and it's a good thing. When they play from the soul, that soul's got SOUL! I always was afraid to do that, afraid I'd fail. For those who don't know me personally I'm not the most open and outgoing person around. I have a hard time saying how I feel, and I'm also very critical of my mistakes. (Not just musically, but in everyday life) So the idea of making things up as I go is sort of a leap of faith for me. To be honest I've never really even tried it. So yesterday I learned a blues scale, and figured out a few more based on the pattern. I've been noodling around with the notes in those scales and I've been having a lot of fun. It actually sounds good... and I'm looking forward to some Jam sessions with my hubby. He doesn't know it but he's a real musician.