Video Practice

I just recently started video recording my practice sessions. It's brutal.... as in brutally honest, but it was such a good idea, and as difficult as it is to see ourselves at our worst... it's worth it. They always say it's good to practice in front of a mirror so you can see the little oddities you might be committing, but I find it difficult to do if it's a piece that I don't have memorized. I only see myself out of the corner of my eye, and aside from that, I'm distracted by playing. Watching a video allows you to watch what you're doing at a time that you can fully concentrate and give yourself a good critique. I've discovered all sorts of things about my playing. For example: I tend to pop my flute up when leaping to high notes then back down when I play low notes... Which appears to be making the high notes flat and the low notes not speak as well as they could. 
Another good reason to record: I like to think of it as performance practice. While you're recording... just imagine that somebody might steal this video and put it up on YouTube. That's apt to make you get a little nervous just like you would in a performance. All of us who have performed know that those nerves have a way of throwing us a curve ball. This is a great way to be prepared for that, and to get those nerves under control without risking public embarrassment. If it's that bad you can always delete it (after you've watched it, of course, to find out how you can improve.)