My Fun New Project

Some of you who know me personally may know that I have an interest in instrument repair (especially woodwinds.) It's becoming a hobby of mine. So I'm really excited about my new project!

The other day I was browsing a local antique shop. As I walked around the corner I saw an item that just hollered my name. I'm not sure why I was drawn to it, but I just couldn't help it. It was a metal clarinet made by Bettony. It was just a student level instrument and had nothing particularly special about it except that it was AWESOME!
I'm not a clarinetist, but I've been meaning to learn at least the basics for some time. I know a lot of people scoff at metal clarinets but I didn't care! This thing wanted me to fix it. Maybe I'll learn to play it too.

The instrument was in mediocre condition. The mechanics work fine for a student level instrument... but the pads were a mess. (You'd be a mess too if you were at least 70 years old a living in a dusty case in some attic.)
Anyway after some research I went back a few days later and bought it.  I just finished re-padding my flute. It was time, so I decided to switch to the gold schmidt pads to try them out. I might write a post about those later. In any case, it's time to move on to another repair project. 
I have no intention of ever becoming a clarinetist, so the fact that the scale is probably outdated, and that metal clarinets aren't the top choice for most players doesn't bother me. I'm just going to noodle around on it.
I got a couple of notes out last night. The sound is actually kind of enormous! I'm going to have fun with this.