Warm Sound- Thank you Nina!!!!!

There's a certain quality of tone that I've been striving for my whole flute life. All my favorite players have it. It's a richness, almost a shimmering golden sound. Over the years I've tried a gazillion different embouchure trying to emulate it but never quite got what I wanted. (That's probably how I ended up so passionate about timbre!) Anyway, when I saw this video I think I yelled out loud "THAT'S IT!!... Ah   HA!!" It wasn't my embouchure at all! It was the air, and it wasn't that I needed more air, ( I tried that too) just warm air from deeper down. 
Anyway... I'm eternally grateful to Nina Perlove for her wonderful way of explaining this. Incidentally, if you haven't seen her videos on Youtube, I highly recommend them. It's possibly  just my learning style, but I found her explanations interesting and easy to understand.