New Album

Lately I’ve been hard at work producing my first solo album. (Click on "Listen" above to listen to a few tracks) It’s a collection of Jazz standards and a few original compositions (also of a jazzy nature) The name of the album is “Summer Skies” and features songs that remind me of open sky and the easy days of summer. The play list will include Summer Samba, Quiet Night of Quiet Stars, Misty, Fly me to the Moon, Summertime and several more.
The recordings are about half done, and I have a lot of work to go. My goal is to be finished by the holiday season. I know it’s a funny time to release an album called “Summer Skies” but to be fair, winter is the time of year that I’m dreaming of leaves blowing in the warm breeze, and sitting in the sun, drinking ice tea. Ah, summer. :-)