Almost There!

Diana McNulty flute
 Summer Skies (my first solo album) is nearly complete! I had a 3 day weekend from my day job last week which gave me the perfect opportunity to catch up on my real work (I think I worked nearly 40 hours in just those 3 days.) The recordings are now complete, mixing and mastering are done, artwork is complete and printed for the first run. Supplies are purchased. I’m super excited!!!

We’re ahead of schedule for my January release goal. Now I just need to finish up with the legal/technical stuff: copyrights, licensing, etc. The world of copyrights is crazy place.

Once Summer Skies is released, it will be sold digitally as well. You’ll be able to find individual tracks as well as the full album on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and I think Google Play as well.

Getting pretty excited!! I’m enjoying this so much that I’ve already started thinking about the next one!