Coffee Music: A New Genre?

A New Genre Emerges. It’s Sunday morning and you’re reading the paper. You hear a quiet rap at the door. It’s your friend that you haven’t seen in ages! “Oh My GOSH! Come in!” you say, “It’s freezing out there, sit down, I’ll make you a cup of coffee” As Ms. Friend starts to relay all the fascinating updates in her life you queue up some music. Something casual, something intimate, something relaxed. It has energy and moves you, but in a subtle way that doesn’t remove you from the present experience. This is coffee music.

With new opportunities for independent artist, and technology developing so quickly, so many musicians are expressing themselves in new and creative ways (Isn’t that fantastic!!). It’s not unheard of for a creative person to be doing something that doesn’t fit the mold. As a result, new styles are emerging all the time and it’s becoming harder and harder to classify musicians into defined, limiting categories. but we still need to talk about them right? How can we tell someone what we like, if not in words? So… maybe we should be getting more creative with those words too? Jazz could mean a lot of things, but “Smokey Room…” You know what I’m talkin’ about;-).

During a struggle to determine what my own favorite style of music is, I just kept coming back to a single theme. This is the music I play when I just want to kick back and drink a cup of coffee. So I look up coffee music, and sure enough, I’m not the only one who thinks of coffee in this way. Incidentally, this is also the kind of music I play, which means I now have something to say when someone asks me the dreaded and all too frequent question: “What style of music do you play?” It’s so much easier to say “Coffee Music” than “Oh, you know, I play a lot of different stuff. Some of it’s jazz, but not all of it. It’s kind of casual, pretty chill… instrumental?”