Free Download

January, 12th, 2014

To celebrate my upcoming album, and to give everyone a preview of coming attractions, I'm giving away a free download this week. Please enjoy it, share it, and spread the word! If you like it, be sure to check out the complete album when it becomes available for download over the next few weeks at iTunes, Amazon mp3, CD Baby, and other sites.

This is “La Cumparsita,” also known as “The Masked One.” It's probably the most well know tangos even written. Some of you may recognize it from the paragliding video that David McNulty has on YouTube. (you can watch it in the “listen” section of my website.)

To Download, click the little "download" button underneath the music player below or the arrow pointing down on the right (depending on your browser) If just want to listen to it, press the orange play button.

Enjoy!! Thanks everyone!!

Also, on a side note, I have a new facebook musician page. Visit it here, and "like" it if you want to receive updates on the album and other events via facebook.

UPDATE: If the player download doesn't work, you can also click here to download.