I love these gals!

January 10th, 2014

Last night was the first rehearsal with Piping Hot Flutes after taking a few weeks off for the holidays. I think we were all a little tired… Hilarity and good times ensued. We were just taking it easy, reading through some new material to see what we want to add to our repertoire.

One of the pieces… I'll just leave the real title and composer out of this… We'll call the composer "Spanish Lover" and we'll call the piece "Lady's Man Suite". I think you know where I'm going with this. :-)
It was actually a great concept. Each movement was a woman's name. It reminded me of a painting series I've seen (forgot the artist's name.) We were all  in a rather sparky mood, so we  decided that we'd make up a little back story.
We agreed that these were the names of his various lovers.  "This isn't the best way to keep it a secret"

-Lady #1… Well, we didn't like her very much. We decided that this was probably an unhealthy relationship. "Why is she always yelling at me!?" said Spanish Lover.

-Lady #2.. She  was sort of sweet, but very confusing. (rather "modern" harmonies) We thought maybe he just can't figure this one out. (Seems like men like that sort of thing.)

-Lady #3.. I think the consensus was that we want to meet this girl.  As we're looking ahead we see that the first 10 bars or so are "Largo" pretty slow. Then it suddenly goes into the tempo "Take 5" …    -__-    … Whaaht…  Does that mean slow… we take a break? or does that mean fast… like the Jazz tune Take 5.  Probably fast since the rhythms looked a little spicy.  Ok.. here we go. I have the opening line. I play 4 notes and start giggling. Sounds just like Blue Danube. (If you don't remember that one, click here to here it.) Wonder if he meant to do that? OK, get it together, try again. It IS BLUE DANUBE!! Alright, let's see where we're going with this… … nowhere… We get to "take 5" and it suddenly switches to a jazz tune in a fast 5(Just like the song Take 5). We can't control our laughter now. (like I said, we were all a little tired)
 What is up with this woman! She's either a really funny gal or she's having an identity crisis! Turns out the "Take 5" section was actually pretty fun, it had a great groove to it! However, that came to a grinding halt at the end with the piece came to a screeching halt to return to Blue Danube. -- "Maybe she likes to listen to Jazz on a riverboat"
-Lady #4 (yeah this guy gets around) I honestly don't remember what we thought of her, we were too distracted by the new symbols that the composer through in. "Look at those cute little glasses!" "What's that decrescendo with the circle at the end?" "It's a black hole decrescendo. You have to get so quiet that you suck in all the light around it." "Piscina, how fast is that tempo?" "That means pool" "Pool is not a tempo!!"
Oh my gosh…. still chuckling to myself. I really hope we can get this piece  together so you can see just how fun  this is.