My Latest Creation

August 25th, 2014
I just finished another recording: A Bit of Rain

The piece was inspired by a summer rainstorm. Imagine relaxing next to your open window, and the hot sweltering air suddenly turns cool. That fresh smell is in the air. Your mind says, "Huh... I better shut this window." and your soul says, "Bring it on! Gimme some THUNDER!"

Though the theme was set from the beginning, the title was another story. After struggling several titles of varying degrees of "yuck!" It came as I was just putting the final touches together. I remembered a poem I had written several years earlier about "a bit of rain":

I'd like a bit of rain,
a good steady rain
that pounds the ground.
I'd like to listen...
Listen to the rain
tapping at the glass.
Just sit quietly and be content.
"Thank you for all of these little drops of water."

I'd like to go outside
and stand in the rain,
because I'm thirsty as the earth.
I'd like the rain to clean me off,
so flowers can grow on my soul.