Current Projects

 March 28, 2015
With all the projects I have going on, I often neglect to update everyone. Here's a bit of a cross section of what I've been working on lately.

Saturday Morning
This is a long term project. I've been writing and creating new pieces at my leisure with the intent of eventually compiling them into an Album entitled 'Saturday Morning.' I chose this title because most of these pieces are energetic in nature and pair perfectly with my Saturday morning ritual of blocking off time in my schedule to drink a cup of coffee and do only what I want. (my favorite hour of the week!)

I'm not sure yet what genre to use to describe this music. It's a little bit new age, but the lively sort. It's not exactly meditation music. Some of the pieces are a bit like retro cocktail party music (taking influences from Henry Mancini, Herbie Mann, Les Baxter etc...)
The main objective is to create fun (sometimes even comedic) music as a backdrop for life. Just something to brighten your day as you go about your business. 
Here are a few selections:

Ragtime de Quebéc
As you may have seen in my previous post I'm actively working on a multi-dimensional project involving ragtime music from Quebéc. I intend for this project to involve producing sheet music, an album, and a concert (possibly multiple concerts). See my other post for more information.

Two concerts are in the mix so far for the upcoming summer season. On July 4th, I'll be joining several local musicians as we perform a celebration of America. Maestro Warren King is at the wheel in organizing this event, and will be performing on piano. 

The second concert is August 2nd at 4pm. Presenting musical scenes from around the world. Featuring Warren King (Piano), Margaret Hopkins (Violin), and Rachael Barter (Flute) and yours truly- Diana McNulty (Flute). 
These folks are always a pleasure to work with, and our concerts showcase the diversity of our instruments. We will perform a selections from a broad spectrum of styles. As always, there will truly be something for everyone.
Information on upcoming concerts can be found on the Upcoming Events page.

And Everything Else
Aside from all that I continue to work and rehearse with Piping Hot Flutes as we look ahead and start planning our summer season. I haven't heard any definite plans for 207 Wind Orchestra, but any updates will be posted on this website. 
I also continue to take opportunities for free lance work as they arrive. Oh... and then there's that full time day job, of course.  ;-)