National Flute Association Convention

As I expected, I thoroughly enjoyed the flute convention. It was such a treat and an inspiration to listen to so many world class flutist and learn from them. 
Workshops, masterclasses, lectures, concerts, and showcases.... there was so much to take in, and all in one place!
diana mcnulty - titanium flute
Diana tries a flute made of titanium by Landell Flutes.   
    Of course there was also the exhibit hall, where one could try out hundreds of flutes if they wanted to. I tried a very unique flute made of titanium while I was there. It was light as a feather. It was as though it was made of paper! On the other end of the spectrum there were flutes made from platinum that were quite heavy (and expensive!!) While trying all of these amazing instruments, part of me was a bit nervous that I might fall head over heels for a new (and probably expensive) flute. But, luckily, at the end of the day, I didn't find one that speaks to me like my own flute. "Tommy" is a one of kind. I've actually done a lot of work to it myself to make it play and respond just the way I like.

Diana McNulty
   Playing Kuhlau at a "drop-in" trio session 
    The highlight of the convention for me was the NFA competition masterclass. WOW! Those students were phenomenal! Jacqueline Berndt, Irissa Hubka, and Turi Scilipoti- BRAVO! They showed such artistry, such creativity, such command over their instruments. I was truly inspired.

    I was also pleased that there was such a variety of workshops available. There attended events on subject matters ranging from career development to improvisation in Cuban dance music to classical music history and several more that lie in between.

    Did I mention the people!!!  I met some interesting folks with great ideas and creative sparks. Speaking of creative, sparkling people, I even ran into my flute professor from college, Liz Downing. It was so great to catch up with her. (I adore that woman!)

    After such an energetic week, I admit I'm a bit drained. At the same time though I feel rejuvenated, like my joy of music has been reignited with so many great ideas to try!!

More information about the National Flute Association can be found at their website: